Clock Striking Wrong Hour

If your clock is striking the incorrect hour, there is usually a quick and easy solution to this problem. Only the HOUR HAND (the shorter hand) can be moved forwards or backwards without any problem. If the clock is striking the wrong hour, you can simply rotate the HOUR HAND in either direction to the correct hour the clock is chiming. Here is an example. Keep in mind your hour or hand position may be different.

Clock Striking Wrong Hour Example: The clock is striking 11 times; however it is only 8 o’clock.

Proceed as follows:

After the clock stops chiming 11, gently grasp the HOUR HAND only and move it either way to the position of 11.

Use caution and make sure you do not move the minute hand or bend either the HOUR HAND or the minute hand.

Using your finger nail on your thumb, gently press the HOUR HAND downward slightly. Be careful and do not press so hard that the HOUR HAND touches the face of the clock.

The clock striking wrong hour problem should be fixed. The clock hour strike should now be back in sequence and you will be able to set your clock as normal.